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Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and Oracle cards can be used as a tool for guidance in difficult times or to motivate you when you need a confirmation that you are on the right path. Whatever the question, the cards will always tell the truth. All readings are sent via email. When scheduling your appointment let Cristal know what you would like more insight on. She typically uses Angel Tarot cards which have more positive images as opposed to more traditional Tarot decks. Readings are not meant for divination purposes but rather to help bring awareness to underlying issues and bring guidance so you can move past physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks. This is a great first step to Energy Healing sessions for those who are new to intuitive work.

*Please note: when you book a reading, you will be redirected to Cristal's Spiritual Coaching booking site.  This site is used for all remote healing bookings. 


*Readings are now also available in Spanish.

Spirit Guidance - Divine Insight


This is one of my favorite spreads because it is detailed without being overwhelming. With this 5-card spread you learn about present issues as well as advice on how to move forward in the way you desire.

Celtic Cross - Divine Guidance 


This classic 10-card spread is for those who are looking to dive deep into a situation and really understand what is going on. Learn about challenges affecting you, understand the foundation, receive Divine guidance, and explore your power in the situation. This reading truly packs a punch to push you forward with confidence.

Month Ahead 


Get a glimpse into the future with this 4-card reading.  We will take a look at the main stuff happening this month for you and how to make the most of it.  

Grow Your Power - Mini


We all have our own light that can shine out into the world.  It's learning how to harness this light that gives us great strength to move through life with confidence.  In this 5-card reading we break down what's holding you back and how to overcome it so you can fully step into your Power! 

Grow Your Power - Extended


In this Extended version of the Grow Your Power- Mini, we expand by also looking at what new building blocks you can create so you can have a more solid foundation as you grow your Power.  This 9-card spread will look at the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual shifts you are ready to start making.  

Face Your Shadows


True healing is never complete without Shadow Work.  When we learn to look deep within and use our shadows as a teaching guide, we can truly transform our world! In this 6-card reading we will take a look at what shadows are blocking you and how to bring them to the light. 

Live in Harmony - Chakra


The Chakra System is made up of 7 main energy sources throughout the body that affect different aspects of our life.  When we face stagnation in our life, you can bet to find disharmony in the Chakra's, and vice versa.  In this 7-card reading we will look at each chakra, answering meaningful questions to help you restore harmony in your life.  

Moving with the Moon


In this 5-card reading, we will channel the Moon Goddess, Selene, herself to help you understand what phase in your life you are moving through and how to move through it.  

Relationship Dynamics


Navigating the many relationships in our life doesn't have to be complicated.  Whether you need guidance with love, family, friends, or even work relationships, this 7-card reading can help bring your clarity on how to move forward with any relationship! 



The most important relationship to understand and build will be the relationship you have with yourself.  They say, "you can't love anyone until you truly love yourself."  This 8-card reading answers specific questions to help you understand you!  This reading will also show you how you can show up for yourself and grow the love you have for yourself.  



This 12-card reading combines two of my favorite subjects: Astrology and Tarot, creating one magical reading! In Astrology, when you take your birthday, time of birth, and location of birth, you can create an image of what the cosmos looked like when you entered this Earth.  It breaks things up into 12 houses, assigning each Zodiac to live in each house.  In this reading we will look at that and pull a card for each house so you can better understand how to work your magic everyday! 

Chakra Balancing


Let's dive even deeper into the Chakra System with this 21-card spread.  In this reading, we will pull 3 cards for each of the main Chakra's so you can really understand how to balance each Chakra individually and within the system! 

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