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Cristal's Spiritual Coaching

What I love more than healing others is sharing my knowledge about energy healing with the world.  That is why I created Cristal's Spiritual Coaching.  Here, I offer group healing experiences and Programs (more info to come) specifically geared for clients who are ready to commit to healing deep wounds while also connecting with like-minded individuals.  

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"I first came to Cristal for Light Activation Healing because I was often feeling drained by daily life.  I had a lot of paranoia and resistance within, and I could sense that it was coming from unhealed parts of myself.  I was looking for a way to build more confidence and love in my heart.  

The Light Activation Healing sessions help me a lot with physical aches and pains that I hadn't realized were often a physical expression of the emotions I was guarding and not releasing.  The more sessions I have, the more I am able to release those emotional wounds and replace them with love for myself and others.  Naturally, my health habits and self-care habits have been improving over time.  My memory has also improved, as well as my focus.  Cristal is always a delight to work with.  She is very personable and she understand/explains things in a very wise way.  I love the homework assignments she gives me after each session.  They are always helpful and specific to my needs.  

I especially enjoy learning about Angels and Spirit Guides and connecting with them.  This has helped me a lot out in the world, to know that I am never without guidance.  I'm often noticing synchronicities and receiving messages from my guides.  I've also had success with better managing my addictive personality and limiting impulsive behaviors.  This has been a hugely transformational process, and I look forward to continuing the healing journey."

- Lauren U.  

"Cristal is my Transformational Alchemist.  She is my co-pilot in removing the heavy energy I've gathered throughout my life, opening me up to a more joyful life experience.  I've experienced positive changes at an accelerated pace, resulting in more happiness and fulfillment.  

Cristal helped me to address my known blocks and uncover previously unknown blocks to assist me in making progress with my stagnant goals.  

I feel more energized, inspired, lighter, happier and more excited about my life.  I find myself experiencing the answers to my desires effortlessly and enjoyable - almost instantly.  With Cristal's assistance and guidance, I'm living in a more fulfilling way.  Cristal worked with me in-person and remotely, to accommodate my hectic schedule.  She provided me with meaningful feedback that was practical and able to be included in my day-to-day life with joy."

-Mike M. 

"Before working with Cristal, my approach to life was rigid, logical and intellectual.  I was living a mediocre life because I had mediocre, vague desires, many of which were old and outdated.  I was also in an unfulfilling career.  Cristal has helped me experience life through more of my emotions.  She is helping me attract a much more fulfilling life through getting clear about my specific desires and my anticipated pay-offs of each of my desires.  She helped me identify what I desire in a career and remove the blocks from experiencing my dreamed-of career.  

I am now enjoying a much happier life, filled with emotions and peak moments because of my work with Cristal.  I'm also enjoying the ability to get really specific about what I desire to experience.  I'm off the merry-go-round.  I'm finished living the desires that have been given to me and I'm focused on my own desires.  By becoming in touch with my emotions and thoughts, I have learned how to connect with my own Higher-Self.  The tools Cristal taught me I now use daily to improve my everyday life by incorporating it to my daily routine.  I also enjoy knowing that I am attracting the career of my dreams!"

-Scott G. 

"I was one of Cristal's first clients for Light Activation Healing (LAH). I have to admit that I was a little hesitant at first because she was a new graduate. It turned out there was no reason. I was in good hands. Her wisdom and knowledge exceed by far the expectations one would have of a young woman her age.

Before working with Cristal, I was at a point where I knew my soul was longing for deep healing. One of the things I'd like to highlight is that I experienced grief about the loss of a loved one who had passed a few years ago. I wasn't really aware there was still grieving. Of course, one can't resolve issues they don't know about. So, it was quite helpful to be made aware and as a result being able to let go.

I also had some pretty stressful relationships with close family members which made me almost constantly feel unhappy. The LAH treatments as well as the following conversations with Cristal helped see things in a different light. Even though I wasn't able to change the relationships, I was able to feel lighter and didn't have to dwell on the issues.

One important aspect of LAH for me is that it brought me back in touch with my guides. I know that angels and fairies as well as deceased loved ones are here to help. I knew that before, but I was in a state where I had almost forgotten. During the treatments I was able to feel them or just knew they were there. It's good to know that we are all surrounded by these loving beings who are always ready to help. I gained confidence and inner peace as I have not felt in a long time.

Working with Cristal has been a joy. We had many, many wonderful conversations. I feel like my life has changed for the better. Thank you, Cristal, so much for being who you are, an inspiring, kind and loving lady."

- Daniela Y. 

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