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Pricing below all descriptions.


Massage is no longer a luxury but a necessity when it comes to self-care.  Come relax with a Swedish massage or release tension and knots in a Cupping massage Combo.  Looking for some stretches?  Check out Shiatsu for a deeply relaxing massage perfect for anyone who also wants to improve their flexibility.  There is so much to choose from at Miracle Massage Works! Contact Cristal if you need help deciding what is best for you on your next visit!  

Energy Healing

Are you ready to align with a more magical life?  Connect with yourself and build more meaningful relationships?  Release past trauma and come back to your truest self so you can live a life with purpose and love!  Every healing session includes intuitive messages & guidance from Spirit to help you move forward through life in a meaningful way.  Learn tools and lessons that you will carry with you for the rest of your life!  These deeply transformative healing sessions can be performed both in-person or remotely.  

Body Wraps

Contour body wraps are not just for those interested in slimming down.  Enjoy smoother skin that glows after each session by releasing impurities trapped in your skin.  Unlike other brands on the market, this contour cream is formulated with ingredients that hydrate your skin.  Because of this, you are not losing water inches but actual toxins from your body, making this a permanent inch loss so long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained. 

Self-Care & Deep Healing within your Reach


Massage Service​s

Prices below Body Wrap descriptions.  

Deep Tissue Massage


A full body massage utilizing Deep Tissue Techniques that reduce tightness and relieve tension.  Acupressure points are used throughout the session to help alleviate pain almost instantly!

Healing Touch Massage


Experience everything you love from your regular massage with an energetic twist.  This massage is combined with Light Activation Healing frequencies, helping you feel relaxed at a whole new level.  

Swedish Massage


This full body massage uses basic massage techniques to help target ultimate body relaxation.  

Supreme Deep Tissue


This full body treatment involves Essential oils, warm towels with your foot massage, then a relaxing neck massage with warm stones.  This treatment will promote deep relief to tense aching muscles.

Shiatsu Massage


Enjoy this relaxing Eastern Japanese treatment in the comfort of your own clothing.  This therapy applies deep pressure to your body along with stretching to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic, & hormonal system. 

Prenatal Massage


This therapeutic massage focuses on the needs of the mother-to-be in a safe and effective way as her body changes.  Avoiding trigger points that stimulate pregnancy, we focus on relaxation and tension release with your choice of pressure.  

Cupping Massage


Focus on your back with this dynamic duo.  Begin the session with cupping to loosen up your muscles and increase blood flow.  Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing back massage to soothe your muscles.  (The 90-minute session includes a full body massage)

Energy Healing Services



Enjoy this relaxing treatment as your therapist restores your energy balance by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. 

Light Activation Healing


This highly accelerated multi-dimensional healing system takes energy healing up several notches.   Focus on healing beyond the physical by clearing blockages on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual.  For optimal results, first time clients are recommended to receive 5 sessions, each 5-7 days apart. 

DNA Reactivation


Dive deep into what makes you who you are with this incredible healing experience.  After completing a series of at least 5 LAH sessions, your energy bodies are clear enough to begin this healing, changing patterns from the root: your DNA.  This healing is made up of 3 different sessions for optimal results.  

Please note: These services can be done both remotely or in-person.   If you want a remote healing, please include that in the notes when scheduling online or via telephone.  Cristal will contact you prior to the session to discuss which option you would like for your remote session.  See below: 

How does a remote healing session work: 

Option 1: 30 minute Zoom call prior to healing session to discuss what the focus/goal of the session is.  After the healing a typed feedback will be sent via e-mail outlining what blockages you may have and what you can do at home to support your healing.  

Option 2: Skip the call and go straight to the healing session.  In this option, you will e-mail me prior to the session any updates and what you would like to focus on.  After the healing a typed feedback will be sent via e-mail outlining what blockages you may have and what you can do at home to support your healing.  

In between sessions, in-person or remote, you are welcome to e-mail me with any questions.  These sessions are more of a partnership and I am here every step of the way as long as you need me.  Contact me via phone or e-mail if you wish to learn more about these sessions or to see if they're right for you.  

Body Wrap Service

Contour Body Wrap


The technique used when applying this body wrap not only benefits total body inch loss, anywhere from 4-14 inches, but it also improves your lymphatic system! Inch loss is permanent with a healthy lifestyle.  It is also great for cellulite control or toning before any upcoming events.  


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